Our team will paddle down the Zambezi River to raise funds for Start360, so we can provide additional services to those who need them most.

At Start360 we help people to help themselves by putting them at the centre, because we believe change starts here. We are a leading charity providing services to young people, adults in prisons and families. Our services cover the areas of health, employability and justice.The money raised will help us to deliver more. It will help us to provide safe and welcoming places for our clients and our staff. It will help us to provide additional services such as play therapy, family residentials and diversionary activities.

Our team will paddle over 100kms down the mighty Zambezi River, enduring harsh, hot & humid conditions while paddling traditional dugout canoes and inflatable kayaks towards Victoria Falls. Finally they will be met with the daunting prospect of rafting below the Falls in the notorious Batoka Gorge, the most tempestuous white water rapids in the world.