Your target

Crowdfunder offers two ways to fund your project;

1. ‘All or nothing‘ means you need to raise 100% of your target to receive the funds, if you raise less than 100% you get nothing and the money is sent back to the backers.

2. ‘Keep what you raise’ does what it says on the tin! Whatever amount you raise you keep.

When deciding on your target find a happy balance between the amount you need to raise and what is realistic from your audience.

The facts and figures


Stretch targets

A stretch target is a figure larger than your original target which allows you to keep raising funds once your target has been reached – we call this ‘overfunding’.


How do I work out my target?

Setting a realistic target can increase your chances of getting funded. Here's some handy facts to help you work out how much you should aim for:

Fact 1: Average pledge on Crowdfunder = £50

Fact 2: Average conversion rate (percentage of people who view your page and then go on to pledge) = 5%

Sum: Example ideal target = £1000 Target / average pledge If the average pledge is £50 and you want to raise £1000 you need 20 backers Backers / 0.05

If the conversion rate is 5% and you need 20 people to pledge you need 400 visitors to your page

Therefore you know that you need 400 people to view your page resulting in 20 people paying £50 to get your project funded.

Bear in mind these sums do not result so exactly in the real world, however they are a very good guide.