Plan to overfund

The best projects on Crowdfunder always beat their target and overfund. Once you start to overfund you keep all the money raised.

Rewards can make or break a crowdfunding project, so its important think about your potential backers when putting rewards together -­ what do they want?

A smart way to plan your campaign is to set your initial target slightly lower - that way when you start to overfund your project will look successful and gain even more momentum and pledges

How it works



If you hit 100% of your initial target before the end of your campaign, you can set a stretch target to raise more funds. Your new goal won’t affect the success of your project and you’ll still receive all the money that you raised (minus our small fee, of course).



Having a stretch target makes it really clear to potential new supporters that you’re still accepting pledges and that there are still rewards available.



Simply fill in the Overfunding box (it’s in the 'Advanced Settings' section of the edit project flow) with your new target amount. Ensure the figure in this box is larger than your original target, for example if your target is £10k and you want to raise an extra £5k, your stretch target needs to be £15k (not £5k).

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