Telling Your story

First and foremost, people need to understand your idea, why it means so much to you, and why they should support it.

Use the video, description, aim and images on your crowdfunding page to explain:

What your idea is

Who you are

Because not everyone who visits the page will know you.

What your idea is

what it will achieve, and why they should care.

What the money's for

so they can understand why you’ve set your target.

Appeal to a wide audience

Offer good value for money

The trick is, to do all this in a way that’s really punchy and concise (so people don’t have to spend a lot of time watching and reading). Try for a maximum of two minutes for your video and 25 words to describe your aim. Try to use plenty of sub-headings and images in your description, to make it easier to read. Telling your story well will help people understand your project and get them excited about supporting it.