Creating your video

It’s becoming more and more important for organisations, charities and businesses to use video to connect with their crowd. Stay ahead of the curve and create something bespoke for your Crowdfunder project. It doesn’t have to be professionally made, shooting it with your phone or camera is fine!

Your video

1. Short and sweet
Less is more when it comes to video. Keep it short, 2-3 minutes maximum. Make sure you get the key information into the first 30 seconds - who, what, why, how?

2. Get personal
Getting in front of the camera will help you to build a rapport. Don’t be afraid to include others too.Choose a place where your voice can be clearly heard on record - wind, traffic and crowds will drown you out.

3. Script
If you’re struggling to think of what to say, write a rough script but let people ad-lib and speak from the heart, honesty will always win people over.

Watch the The Big Finish video here.

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