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Your Food Farmacy - festival catering company - pop up soup kitchen

Your Food Farmacy - healthy festival catering and pop-up soup kitchen.

My name is Rachid and I strongly believe that festivals and festival goers need healthier food options.  The lack of nutritious, organic and wholesome food at summer festivals is quite evident and from my personal experience it can be quiet a drain on the human body. Consuming burgers, kebabs and pizza for three consecutive days can have a negative effect on the wellbeing of a person. From my own personal experience there are far too many animal products being consumed and not enough organic, vegan or vegetarian options to choose from. A healthy diet can influence a person’s mood and create a better experience for everyone.

People struggle to find healthy alternatives and at Your Food Farmacy we want to offer a nutritious, healthy and organic alternative to festival catering by providing creative and healthy food for festival goers in Europe. Events such as festival Trutnof in the Czech Republic and Tomorrowland, Belgium.

We aim to source the ingredients locally and use as much non GMO and organic produce as possible.  Providing healthy alternatives to the usual junk food that is available at festivals. I have seven years trading experience at Notting Hill Carnival and have seen an increasing demand for alternative foods, especially healthy alternatives.

We hope to use a number of organic hemp based products in our cooking and working environment, hemp provides protein and essential amino acids that hold a number of health benefits.  Hemp is sustainable and we hope to use it in our displays and surrounds to hemp napkins and containers.

We aim to create a healthy dining experience with a fun twist that will leave festival goers feeling full, energised and satisfied.  A selection of fresh exotic wraps, salads, pulses and grains and homemade beverages all promoting wellbeing and a feeling of satisfaction.

At Your Food Farmacy we strongly believe in reducing the amount of food that would be sent to land fill.  We would love to be able to set up a temporary  food stand that gives meals for free to use up excess stock and reduce wastage, simply by setting up in the nearest local city and handing out food to the homeless, hungry and anyone we can make happy.  Food wastage is a huge problem worldwide and we would like to play our part in local communities. It is a simple concept that would benefit everyone, especcialy in London and larger cities.

Being a mobile catering service we also want to trade in the UK. Locations such as Camden Market and Portobello are ideal locations due to the huge numbers of hungry tourists that visit each day.  Pop-up catering in markets is becoming increasingly popular.   With an ever increasing demand for new and exciting culinary experiences we aim to bring awareness and simplicity to healthier living in the chaos of day to day life.


We plan on using pledger’s money to buy a catering van and all the necessary items we need to start our festival catering company, the money will be used for necessities like a website for our company, banners, shelter and anything else we need to start.  It’s a simple idea with a lot of passion and belief behind it.  We want to provide a healthy and fun alternative to the usual choice of food available at festivals.  We have years of experience trading at Notting Hill Carnival and see an opportunity to start catering at events all over Europe.  We believe in minimal food waste and would like the opportunity to use our van as a mobile soup kitchen, we will use any excess produce we have left over and some of the profits from the festivals to provide food for the homeless in cities around the festival location once we have finished trading.  Just like we do every year at carnival, once trading is finsihed we create takeway meals and hand them out free of charge to anyone who needs a meal. Providing free meals to locals and spreading awareness about healthy living and poverty issues would be one of the main goals within the business as well as growing into a successful catering company.


Not only will you be helping a new UK based company to develop and grow into a successful business, you will be helping the 1000’s of people that we provide healthy meals and awareness to.  Not to mention the fact that after trading at the festivals we will be providing meals for free to people who need them instead of just throwing it away like most companies do.  With strong ethics and a moral compass to guide us we hope to bring something different to festival catering  and hopefull along the way make the workd a slighty better place for everyone.