Reformed East Susssex Services CIC

Reformed East Susssex Services CIC

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Reformed East Sussex support recovering addicts and offender's to find employment and training.  Support is provided by workers who are “experts by experience” and services are aimed at all those who are in recovery and/or have been subject to the criminal justice system. We currently provides support to  increase their employability. We offer accredited training, working with clients on their presentation, interview skills and developing their CV. Our organisation also sources opportunities with local businesses for clients – these are often voluntary in the first instance and will give clients a chance to build their self-esteem, work based skills and become used to being back in a place of employment or for some, being in a workplace for the first time. Reformed support clients through this process by managing expectations and showing them the benefits of being in employment, whether they be financial or other benefits.

Our organisation  reach out to people, to help them rebuild their lives using appropriate tools to regain their confidence, up skill and become self-reliant and lead a fulfilling, meaningful life. We know that they in principle find it harder to secure and then hold employment without specialist on-going support. Some people may have never worked in their lives. Some may be homeless or most likely live in unsuitable or insecure housing. Most do not access formal health care or even claim the benefits they are entitled to. An often-occurring concern is the constant danger of re-offending or relapsing in order to survive their circumstances. Our project  provide them will the help they need to overcome all these barriers and secure employment in the long run

We are working with the most vulnerable members of our community. Our project  makes a big difference to the lives of people who have lived on the fringes of society for some time. We believe that every individual has the potential and the right to manage their life well, and to be enabled to have decent employment. In some instances, people may require more help and support to do just that. Despite the fact that there is support around our beneficiaries have not used that for whatever reasons they may have. We  break down this pattern, gain the trust of the project participants and open new opportunities for them to become valued members of the community.