World Motorcycle Racing Support

World Motorcycle Racing Support

Kade Verwey Rider in RST Aprilia Superteen Challenge and European Junior Cup. To get my riding career to kick off I need the support.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 6th Nov 2016 our project closed

Hello, my name is Kade Verwey.

This year has really kicked off my racing career as I have done really well finishing all but one race on a podium. Due to my results I was scouted by a team in The European Junior Cup for the last three rounds at World Superbikes and although my family and friends have chipped in on trying to get me to ride there next year, I simply do not have the funds. If I get to race there next year my racing career can completely kick off and get me close to the top riders in the world. I'll take every penny I can if it means I get to ride there next year. This is my life and I don't know what I'd do without riding. When I was winning the Aprilia Superteens I unfortunately broke my ankle putting me back in 3rd and out of contention for the championship. Hopefully this coming year can change things round for me.