Women of Walthamstow Uniting!

Women of Walthamstow Uniting!

WoW U! celebrates and unites the diverse women of Walthamstow. Please support our women-led community festival - 9th July in Town Square.

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WoW U! is a community group in E17 working to celebrate and bring together the diverse women of Walthamstow - uniting women who live side by side but often lead very separate lives.

9th July 2017 marks the first WoW U! community festival at the Town Square. We have commitment from a whole host of brilliant local women; including community leaders, local business women, and performers.

But we URGENTLY need to raise more funds to make this transformative event possible.

Your donation can help to pay for:

  • Performers' fees: Women typically take on the lion's share of unpaid labour. We think women deserve  to get paid. Help us stay true to this principle with a donation so we can pay professional performers at the event.
  • Stage and tech equipment: These things are more expensive than you'd think! There are so many fantastic performers in Walthamstow. We're determined to share their talents with you, so please donate to help make that possible.
  • Promotion: We've been getting deals wherever possible, but we still have to pay up for some advertising space and printing costs. We want to reach women of different backgrounds with this event - please help us get the word out.

WoW U! community festival on 9th July is a fun event for the whole family and will showcase the many talents of E17 women - with live music, DJ sets, dance performances, kids' workshops, well-being and beauty services, a range of delicious food ... and of course the chance to meet so many inspirational women. What more could you ask for?

To celebrate the incredible women of Walthamstow we each know and love, we've launched a WoW U! Award. Nominations are open to all inspiring self-defining women living and/or working in Waltham Forest and can be made on Twitter @wowuniting, Facebook or email wowuniting@gmail.com.  The winner will be announced at the WoW U! community festival on 9th July, where she will be presented with a special prize.

We aim to unite women of different backgrounds with the purpose of amplifying local female voices; openly celebrating our multiple religions, cultures, identities, interests and achievements. We expect this event to ignite a platform for collective speaking out against prejudice and discrimination.

It is vital in these troubling times that women support each other, recognising our shared and distinctive experiences of womanhood. Through diversity and unity local women will be stronger in battles against sexism, racism and xenophobia. Women of Walthamstow united will never be defeated!

Please support WoW U! today with an urgent and vital donation. Thank you!