WMKF World Championships in Malta 2016

Hannah qualified for the WMKF World Championships in Malta this year & we're trying to raise funds to offset costs. Any help is appreciated

Hi guys. Those that follow hannahs progress will know how well she is doing with her kickboxing. She is now one belt away from her black belt and I know when she gets it how much effort and dedication will have gone into achieving this. Some will know that she qualified earlier this year for the ISKA World Championships in Germany. She came home with a Bronze medal and an even stronger determination in the sport. She has also qualified for the WMKF World Championships in Malta for November this year. Our club alone has 12 fighters on the Scotland team this year and Hannah is privileged to be a part of it. This is a fantastic opportunity for her and the rest of the TMF team and I have every faith in her ability. We are now trying to raise funds towards the substantial cost of this and would appreciate any help that friends and family can give for this.