With Love, Wilson Raw Dog Food

We are asking for your support to purchase a cold storage van so that we can develop an affordable and supportive raw dog food company

As a family we have two gorgeous dogs, Elsie and Wilson. They are both a huge part of our family so what they eat is as important to us as what we eat is. We realised as a puppy, that Wilson is allergic to wheat so we began to look into the best option for him. We found raw and everything changed! Our passion for a BARF diet is something we want to make a career of and help as many families struggling with their dogs health issues or who just want to see how much food can improve so much.

Raw fed dogs are known for having a shinier coat, better health and more energy than dogs on any other diet. Dogs with skin conditions and stomach complaints can often see all problems go and expensive trips to the vet stop. It changed everything for our furbabies and now we want to help other people get the best for their dogs.

A raw diet for your dog can be expensive and difficult to understand at first so we want to offer an affordable full range of DIY and complete raw food as well as a fully hands on guide for every customer.

Over time we have saved every penny we can to make our dream a reality and now have enough money to have our own recipe produced and to buy the minimum amount required from the producer to start. We have gotten ourselves registered as a limited company and have a website being produced but now need help to purchase the essential cold van to store and transport our range. That's where we are asking for your help. Once we purchase the cold store van we can start to advertise and get to work!

We want to offer a free delivery service to our customers in Kent and Essex so we can save them as much money as possible and help more dogs get the diet we feel is best for them. We hope that with your help, raw feeding your dogs will be easy and affordable with us. Every dog deserves the best in life, they give us so much, it's the least we can do.

Thank you all for your support!