Windsor Home Park Lawn Tennis Club Clubhouse fund

The Clubhouse of Windsor Home Park Lawn Tennis Club was severely flooded in the winter of 2013/ 2014 when the River Thames burst its...

The Clubhouse of Windsor Home Park Lawn Tennis Club was severely flooded in the winter of 2013/ 2014 when the River Thames burst its banks. The wooden shed tennis Clubhouse and courts were under water for 3 weeks.

Members of the tennis club have restored the wooden hut over the last 9 years, installing a water and electric supply to enable the Club to have a kitchen and host tennis tournaments and social events.

Members worked hard after the flood waters subsided in 2014 to restore the Clubhouse back to a usable condition, carpet tiles taken up, floor boards and walls replaced due to the damp and rotting and a large hole in the roof which has continually been repaired over the years was fixed again.

The members are extremely concerned, due to its age, if the Clubhouse was to be flooded again (built in the 1960’s) it might not survive. There is a long standing ambition to improve the facilities at the Club, to have a toilet, shower and bar facilities with a vision to create a Centre of Excellence for grass court tennis in Berkshire at an affordable rate.

Members have been fundraising during the 2015 season for a new Clubhouse. The season was extremely successful raising over £12,000, however the project is predicted to cost £80,000+. The new building will be on stilts to avoid the floods should they happen again.

 The new Clubhouse will have improved facilities including toilets and showers. There will be a bar facility which will allow the Club to host more social functions for members and visitors. With a new, more prominent Clubhouse the Club will attract more members for the enjoyment of playing grass court tennis with spectacular views of Windsor Castle and to join the social functions that the Club hosts. Current members do feel the new Clubhouse is a must to attract new members; even though the Club's membership fees are relatively low members will still expect certain facilities.

Members would like the new facilities to be accessible to all and will ensure the building will have disabled access. The facilities will mean that it will be easier for junior members to join the club and will help to encourage younger players to the game. The Club has connections to local schools, all of whom will be invited to use the facilities and play on the grass courts.

It is also hoped that other local groups, such as exercise classes or social groups will be able to make use of the facilities and enjoy the unique location.

The current plan is for the new Clubhouse facility will be ready in time for the start of the 2017 summer opening of the courts. (Subject to planning permission)