Wildlife Hotspots 2nd project

Wildlife Hotspots 2nd project

We aim to generate wildlife hotspots in areas overlooked for too long. Help us create a greener future and follow our first project.

We did it!

On 7th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 14 days

Project aim

Wildlife Hotspots is an ongoing project returning overlooked areas back to nature. Get involved and follow our progress as we turn bigger and bigger areas into wildlife hotspots. 

About the project 

Urban wildlife is magnificent but even the best of us can go without noticing just how many species are around us, and need our help. 

There are thousands of small pocketed area's in the UK being overlooked and we believe these area's can be handed back to nature with a glorious head start. We will bring the instant local community together and design these area's for full wildlife/public enjoyment.

We know that each project could fail to reach its target funding but the unknown is exciting. We may only raise £50. In this case we would still have enough to turn a small patch into a wildlife hotspot. Birdbox, Bugbox and wildflowers and plenty of muscle is a small contribution with a huge impact.

Please help us get started and pledge just £1 and follow this first project. We will tell you exactly what your pledge helped us do or paid for. 

If you have pledged, thank you and please visit our Facebook page. facebook.com/plantsandwildlife and follow our projects, you make them happen! 

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