Wild Power Wheatgrass

Help us grow our business with the launch of the Wildpower Wheatgrass Brand creating exciting food and drink products using Wheatgrass

We are ready to grow our business and need your help to launch a new, exciting and innovative brand, Wild Power Wheatgrass.  We are passionate about our products and this new Brand will help us to share the VITALITY, HEALTH and ENERGY of wheatgrass with more people.

Based in a seaside town in Co Down, at the foothills of the majestic Mourne Mountains, we are artisan producers with provenance and traceability.  

We are a small team passionate about producing the best quality Wheatgrass food and drink products. Using innovation and cold-press technology we have worked so hard to produce award winning nutrient rich, premium products which showcase the extraordinary powers of this amazing superfood.

We need your help and support now to launch our new Brand, Wild Power Wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass can be traced back in history over 5000 years, to ancient Egypt.  It is purported that ancient Egyptians prized the young leafy blades of wheat for their positive effect on health and vitality.  The Western world began consuming Wheatgrass in the 1930s as a result of experiments carried out by agricultural chemist, Charles Schnabel.

It is said that one 30ml shot of Wheatgrass juice has the same nutritional value as 1KG of leafy green vegetables.

In the case of Jacquelyn Stewart,  Founder of Wild Power Wheatgrass, the interest in Wheatgrass is a very personal one.  Jacquelyn's interest in this superfood and its many benefits began following a diagnosis of skin cancer.  Having read studies about wheatgrass and its alkalising properties, how it supports the immune system,  oxygenates the blood and boosts red blood cell production freshly juiced Wheatgrass became an important part of her recovery programme.

Jacquelyn's passion for this amazing superfood grew from having to grow and juice her own personal supply.  Having regained her own VITALITY, HEALTH and ENERGY, she set about developing  products that would make it easy for people everywhere to benefit from nutrient rich Wheatgrass.

We carefully grow every batch of Wheatgrass using our water based system to feed the roots of the plant directly, removing any concerns about soil borne nasties and because we cut closer to the root, we create a premium, sweeter grass.

We've created an unique range of Wheatgrass and Juice shots, STAMINA, DETOX and REFRESH each with its own health benefits, as well as our PURE Wheatgrass shots.  

We've proven we are leaders in the wheatgrass juice world but we want to be able to do more with this superfood.  As one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, we need your support to POWER our products onto another level with  the Wild Power Wheatgrass Brand.

It has always been Jacquelyn's passion to develop products that make it easy for people to get access to the amazing health benefits of Wheatgrass.

We really value your support, as friends, customer, and pledgers. Donations are hugely appreciated and we will be sure to stretch every penny as far as possible.  We want our new Brand, Wild Power Wheatgrass, to have a positive impact for our local community, our customers, supporters and the wider world!

We could try and raise the funds by taking our business plan to a bank and asking for a big loan. However we love the way that “crowd sourcing” puts you, our customers and community at the heart of what we are trying to achieve.

We have come up with some fantastic ways to say thanks for your pledges and hopefully you will enjoy them too!

With your help and support we will be able to launch our innovative products on our online shop www.wildpowerwheatgrass.co.uk.  

Your support will help us give more people access to our premium products as the Wild Power Wheatgrass Brand will help to ensure they are stocked in stores all around the country.

We really need your help to make all this possible.

Every pledge made will help us get one step closer to launching this new brand.  

This is such an exciting opportunity to get involved in.

Please show support for what we have already achieved and back the growth potential of Wild Power Wheatgrass.

Help us to make sure the target is reached by being a cheerleader for this exciting new Brand.

Please be part of the Wild Power Wheatgrass story and help us bring our healthy, innovative wheatgrass products to as many people as possible.  Support, pledge and get involved with our project.

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THANK YOU from the small team of forward-thinking, passionate, hardworking producers of exciting Wheatgrass drinks and foods.

If you'd like to pledge but don't want to release your contact details on the site, please email us your contact details so we can arrange delivery - hello.wildpowerwheatgrass@gmail.com