WiFi infrastructure for all Students

A Schools project Muizenberg, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Provide wireless internet connectivity for all GWC student dorms and surrounding areas within Muizenberg, Cape Town.

My name is Jody Leukes. I am the I.T manager at George Whitefield College in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa

GWC is a non profit organization and with that comes limited funding. This year we managed to get in a15mbps fibre line on the main campus. What I want to archive before the start of February 2016 is to improve the fibre backbone speed to at least 50mbps and provide stable wireless connectivity to all the student dorms and the surrounding area in muizenberg so that students can roam freely without depleating their mobile data. 

We have secured a rental with one of the tallest standing buildings in muizenberg to install wireless equipment which will provide coverage over the main campus and dorms. 

Why Crowdfund?

I cannot archieve my goal within the current working budget. I want to install quality wireless equipment throughout the college network pushing wireless ac, have a 50mbps fibre backbone for the wireless network. Provide internet connectivity for up to 150 users with minimal to no downtime. I want GWC to be a step ahead when it comes to connectivity.