whisky Mystery opera

whisky Mystery opera

Author and producer Tess Rose is looking for musicians, singers, dancers and sponsors, descended from Highlands, to produce a libretto

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 10th Dec 2016 our project closed

 My libretto tells the story of Lilly, descendant of Helen Mannoch, who returns from North America  to Highlands to find her roots from her grandmother Helen Mannoch a magic clarsack player and whiskymaker, who came to America in the of Highlands Clearances. She becomes ever more emotional enmeshed by exploring her family roots and Scottish connections. Finally, with the help of Gaelig Fairy “ Lady of Forest”  from the enchanted forest  of the supernatural beings she can find the golden gate to the whisky mystery and  falls in  love with the ghostly Master of Whisky.

Tess Rose Artist and Author