Wellholme Park Jump Spot

Help us to rebuild the Wellholme Park bike jumps in Brighouse.

New stretch target

The more money we raise, the better the project will turn out.  Any money we raise over the initial target will be used to enhance the facilities we build, and hopefully allow us to build more in the long term.

Project aim

To rebuild the bike jumps in Wellholme Park, Brighouse.

About the project

We want to build a place for kids (young and old!) to  learn to jump their bikes safely. To do this we need funds to buy the raw materials.

Once the funds are secured, local volunteers working under the umbrella of Singletraction with some mechanical help from the council will set to work and lovingly shape a series of jumps.

The more we raise, the better the final product will be. In the event of us having more money than we need we will then do our best to persuade the council to find a spot for a pump track.

What are we hoping to achieve?

Minimum - a line of double wide jumps including 2 bermed corners. This will comprise of a start ramp followed by 3 jumps, a left hand berm (which already exists) & 3 more jumps, a right hand berm and possibly 2 or 3 more jumps.

Why should we build it?

Because kids need somewhere to have fun. If we can encourage them to cycle now, the benefits to their health and our climate could be huge in the future.


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