Wedding day Happiness

Wedding day Happiness

To pay for a present for my life long school friend's wedding whom I am best man for

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I have been asked to be the bestman (never been one, so it's a huge joy) at my friend's wedding, we have been friends since our school days...however I can not afford to buy him a present, which I really need and want to get for them, I don't want to turn down the honour of being by his side and being his wingman & as I say I've never had this role before and then not turn up without a present for them both.

I was advised by some other friends (which are not that many lol) that I should perhaps try this crowdfunding thing, which is why I am here...

I'm asking total strangers I guess to have the heart and to donate anything you may have, even if it's just 10p as whatever I raise (I've said I wouldn't raise anything, but these few friends said I'd be surprised) so here I am.

I don't even know how this works, I've just found myself here by chance & the power of google.

So "Friends" of the interweb, please help me out here and see if I can raise my total of just £85 for my gift for my friend and his wife to be.

I can't share this on my Facebook as he will see it, along with his girlfriend and friends etc, so here's to the wide open web

Thank you one & all