We need more equipment  to help you buy British

My name is Justine Edmonds, I am passionate about supporting British companies, buying British and of course.... fragrance.

My name is Justine Edmonds, I live in Ascot, Berkshire and I am passionate about supporting British companies, buying British and of course.... fragrance. For your pledge, you will receive something back from us.

I started the home fragrance company because of my love affair with perfume and my great grandmothers inspiration (our scent Dorothy, is named after her).

When I first started the brand, I was not aware of how many wonderful clients would support the brand so quickly.

So quickly that the company now requires a studio workshop and some additional equipment so we can produce products on a larger scale. 

Many would say 'why don't you outsource the manufacturing'. The main reason for this is that I am passionate about buying British and I am proud that all our products are hand poured in England. It is important to the brand that the manufacturing still remains in the UK and small businesses are supported.

This includes where our raw materials are sourced and where the original branding started (my husbands cousin kindly assisted with this. A British printing company based in Teddington, outskirts of Twickenham). 

They say cash is king. With your support we will be able to put the funds raised towards building a studio where we can create more products (at the moment we are very limited on space and would love to bring more products into the collection). We will also be able to purchase more equipment which will really assist with production so that we can fulfill larger orders within better timescales.

Any additional funds that we hope to raise will be put towards bringing a new fragrance to our range. The cost of creating a new scent, testing it and then putting it into production can cost in excess of £800. 

We would love you to support this little British brand so we can make our dreams come true. 


Justine xxx