Volunteering with Help Refugees in Calais

Please help me buy desperately needed supplies for Calais Jungle refugees in October 2016.

New stretch target

Oh wow! Thank you so much. I will be able to buy so many more desperately needed supplies. Thank you.

You probably already know about the dire conditions faced by the refugees living in the Calais Jungle, just 30 miles across the English Channel. These are not, as some commentators would have it, a horde of scroungers and criminals taking a chance on the good life, but men, women and children who have fled the threats of war and persecution to take a chance on survival. And they are only just surviving, over 9,000 people trying to live day-to-day with nothing -none of the infrastructure or basic necessities that we take for granted- but the kindness of strangers in a country far from home.

The Help Refugees charity is one such group of strangers, providing supplies and support, working to distribute donations to those in need, providing shelter and raising funds and awareness. They also organise those volunteers who make their way to Calais to offer what help they can.

I am volunteering at the Calais Jungle for eight nights, from 10th October this year, working with the Help Refugees charity. I have self-financed my ferry crossing and hostel, but I'm looking for donations to a) help me cover some of the travel costs (mainly petrol) and b) fill the car with supplies for the refugees. Every week, Help Refugees give an update on what supplies would be best to donate to help the most, so I'm planning to buy based on this information in the week/days before I set off.

The residents of the Calais Jungle are living in really tough conditions and need basic supplies on a daily basis, the things that you and I can just pop down the shops for if we've run out at home - toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, aspirin, nappies, feminine hygiene. They also need food, sleeping bags and tents. With so many facing another winter in the Jungle, keeping warm and dry is going to be as high a priority as food and hygiene.

Please donate whatever you can. Thank you.

(Picture: Philippe Huguen, from The Huffington Post)