Volunteering In Africa

A Charities project Nasarawa, Nigeria

Raise funds to provide basic needs(Food, Clothing, Shelter, Learning & Health materials) For Internally Displaced Kids in northern Nigeria

Africa has a worrisome amount of internally displaced individuals especially children due to havoc caused by group(s) of unruly individual(s) who cause harm to unsuspecting and vulnerable members of a community using  one tribe/race/religion etc or the other as a facade.

One of the many African countries amongst others which has immensely suffered from these barbaric act include but not limited to Nigeria.

Nigeria will be my main focus for now as I will be travelling there during the festive season for documentry purpose but just before the commencement of that, I will for the entire november be visiting major cities in northern Nigeria to help provide mainly Food and Clothing for internally displaced kids which has a personal budget of £5000 (from personal savings)

I have called noteable companies handling such and they are providing and distributing the above mentioned at:

 Food                                              = £3000

Clothing                                      = £2000

Other things I found out would also be of great help through calls I put through some reputable Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps in northern nigeria are:

Learning Material                 = £3000

Anti-malaria medication  = £1000

Dry shampoo                          = £500

First aid kits                             =  £1000
Sanitizers                                  = £500

Bug Spray                                 = £1000

Shelter                                       = £2500

Water                                        = £1500

Based on the above calls made, the demand for Food and Clothing needed re-budgeting, hence:

 Food                                              = £2500

Clothing                                      = £1500

were added to the previous.

All the above are based on needs and population of IDP camps I have spoken to.

A video I came across online has been posted to help you visualize where all your donations will be going.

Every penny donated towards this cause be rightly channelled and highly appreciated,

Many Thanks!