Video Shoot for 'Handful of Yesterdays'

I'm on my first solo album venture, 'Handful of Yesterdays', and I'm looking to raise funds for a professional video shoot to promote it...

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Please help me fund a professional video shoot to promote my new album!

I'm on a journey having recorded and produced my first solo album venture, 'Handful of Yesterdays'... I'm now looking to raise extra funds for a professional video shoot to help me promote the album...


The Album...

My first solo album 'Handful of Yesterdays' is due for release anytime now, it contains 8 tracks; 'Devil Plays Rock ‘n’ Roll', 'Let it Rain', 'Sparkle and Shine', 'Valentown', Still The One', 'This Road', Free Wheelin’ and 'Handful of Yesterdays'.  So far I have funded the album production myself.

The Video...

In order to promote the new album, I would like to get a video produced for one of the tracks on the album called 'Valentown'. Rather than attempt to do this on a limited budget, I'd rather get this produced professionally and have enlisted Miles Skarin from Crystal Spotlight Productions to shoot the video for me. Miles has an impressive portfolio, having worked on video projects for Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, Haken, Nick Beggs' 'The Mute Gods', Frost* and more.

Obviously to get things done properly, this involves some expensive production costs and this is where I'm asking you for help, so am seeking to raise the cash for this video through Crowdfunding. Please can you pledge an amount you can afford to help me raise the cash get my video shot professionally? The pledge amounts and rewards you can get are all listed, you even get the opportunity to appear in the video if you can pledge over a certain amount, as well as getting copies of the album etc.

Thank you for your support and in helping me with this!