Vice's Vaping Emporium

Vice's Vaping Emporium

Basically i want to set up my own vapour cafe.

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Hey everyone!

Let me tell you a bit about my business idea, if you have a spare minute that is.

Basically i want to set up my own vapour cafe. Selling the best quality e-liquids around, a very wide range of hardware, all of those branded soft drinks we love, home baked goodies, and what i aim to make the best coffee on the Isle of Wight. Where am i at now? I've developed the business model, talked to suppliers, viewed multiple premises, written, re-written and re-re-written a 10 page business plan, worked out all of the financials and deemed it to be a viable business idea. The only thing holding me back from opening shop in a few weeks is funding. I have approached several companies such as, virgin and the prince's trust, unfortunately they won't touch e-cigs with a bargepole. I've also approached a couple of banks who will put up half of the money, once i have the other half! So here i am, again, trying to raise some money to open my new business.

The storefront will be based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, an area currently untouched by the vapour industry but lively and prosperous, enjoying a heavy amount of seasonal business. The money i raise from crowdfunder will firstly allow me to access the other half of the money i need from the bank. Once that step is completed, the funds from crowdfunder will go towards purchasing assets, such as furniture, coffee machines, counters, initial stock etc. As well as the materials to renovate the storefront.

My own background is in catering, having started training for that industry at 14, working for years in pubs and hotels, and receiving professional qualifications in the area. This time has given me skills such as product development, staff management and stock management. I also have retail experience, working face to face selling goods to customers, upselling and having vital cash handling experience. 

Thanks for reading, and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask