Vedani Botanicals Artisan Organic Skincare

Vedani Botanicals Artisan Organic Skincare

Expanding the range of workshops & eco skincare, hand crafted with 100% organic botanical oils. Expertly formulated to solve skin issues.

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I am launching 100% organic super seed serums and face & body oils to expand the current range and adding more holistic health workshops, consultations and seminars to the Holistic Health Hub events.


My name is Mercedes Harris, I am the founder and formulator of Vedani Botanicals Organic Skincare, which I launched 2 years ago.  I have studied plant oils and formulated botanical oil blends for clients and friends for 20 years. My blends have helped many clients with challenging skin problems. I believe the effectiveness of my skincare is due to the understanding of fatty acid profiles, phytonutrient content and therapeutic properties of the plant oils, alongside using the absolutely finest therapeutic botanical extracts. As a holistic aromatherapist who specialises in botanical oils for skincare, I am passionate about finding solutions for clients skin issues.






I had been formulating successful remedies for clients for many years.  However, I found that acne and congested skin were harder to treat. After years of study, research and experimentation I had a breakthrough with a very effective formulation for this most difficult to treat skin condition (acne/clogged pores/blemishes). I trialled the new blend on many willing clients and friends (guinea pigs); the feedback was not only incredible but thrilling. I had finally unlocked the secret formula! This enabled me to design a complete range of skin care for all the skin types and their possible associated issues. I decided to launch the range at the Natural & Organics Trade Show Europe. The first step of this long journey, was to attend an EU legislation and good manufacturing course, where I met Margaret Karlinski, who is also a specialist in botanical oils. 




Margaret lectures on aromatherapy and is an organic cosmetic products consultant and tutor.  I quickly realised Margaret was a genius in my chosen subject. I had been searching for someone with this like-minded unusual speciality for over 20 years. I attended many courses and explorations with Margaret, and still do, our study is ongoing, well researched and up to date. I felt the urge to share our findings, our knowledge and our passion, which gave birth to `The Green Skin Event` last summer. I wanted the day to encompass holistic care for the skin with education on nutrition, cosmetic product ingredients, how extrinsic factors affect our skin, what we can do to reduce or avoid these damaging factors, stress management with relaxation techniques and general well-being tips.


The Green Skin Event was a wonderful success, a glorious day, in the sumptuous surroundings of Broughton Castle and its beautiful gardens. It was important for Margaret and I to have a botanical theme and be immersed in nature. Margaret gave the talks and we invited Amanda Mackenzie, an inspirational British Wheel of Yoga teacher, who gave relaxation tips and held a mindfulness & yoga session, which took place by the long border overlooking the moat and courtside beyond. We made organic, healthy snacks and a lunch packed with skin loving nutrients and anti-oxidants, which were discussed during the skin nutrition talk.  It was a dreamy day, just what I had envisaged, and it gave rise to the formation of the Holistic Health Hub, for which we have now delivered several evening seminars.  



I am now expanding the skincare range and would like to offer more holistic events, workshops, consultations and seminars. I believe caring for the skin requires a holistic health approach involving many factors, such as: healthy, balanced diet, gentle & effective skincare products as well as good health and well-being.  I would like my work and Vedani Botanicals to be more than 'just' an organic skincare brand, I want to share this knowledge. I make skincare because I want people to use the absolutely finest therapeutic ingredients, which will actually treat and nourish the skin. I am passionate about finding natural solutions to skin problems, so I need to go beyond just products. I have always been able to do this as a holistic therapist, it is now just a matter of getting this knowledge out to the general public who are in need of solutions or are interested in truly natural and organic holistic skincare.    


Organic cold pressed, unrefined plant oils. 

I go to extreme lengths to ensure these oils are the highest quality possible. I test the oils from several suppliers, to understand and recognise the characteristics of each oil, colour, aroma, texture, melt point and freezing temperatures, etc. I want effective blends, this is part of ensuring this. I use trusted suppliers and check the 'certificate of analysis' of each oil. 

The correct choice of plant oils makes effective and gentle cleansers and moisturisers. Knowing the fatty acid profiles and phytonutrient (plant nutrient) content of each oil is essential. Also, understanding which skin types and issues benefit from which combination is the key! 

Sacha inchi, a cold pressed, unrefined plant oil with a high omega 3 content. 

Organic Distilled Essential oils. 

Again, I go to extreme lengths to ensure the highest quality, by recognising characteristics and checking each gas chromatography readout (analysis sheet) before each essential oil purchase.  For example, helichrysum italicum can differ from batch to batch, and as I use this beautiful oil for its italidione content it is crucial to check that they are actually there at the expected levels! I use this oil for skin repair and as I get such wonderful results from it, it is invaluable to me.  The same scrutiny applies to all other essential oils used in my range.

Essential oils can improve the aroma as well add therapeutic elements to the blends but I am also launching essential oil free blends for those who for some reason cannot use products containing them.

Geranium bourbon (L) and Helichrysum italicum (R) produce wonderful essential oils 

Organic botanical CO2 extracts.

Potent CO2 botanical extracts can add beneficial elements, such as antioxidants. 

That is it! Solely 100% natural, organic botanical oils, as pure as possible. And nothing else.

No highly processed ingredients. No fillers. No need to worry about pH levels or preservatives, as there is no water content within the range. 



This section is a little more in depth, but bare with me if you are interested in natural ingredients! 

The plant oils I use are cold pressed and unrefined, so they retain their heat sensitive and delicate nutrients and are free from undesirable harsh artificial chemicals such as those used in solvent extraction, deodorising and bleaching of plant oils. Not all plant oils are equal - these extracting and stripping methods are common practice in the cosmetics industry to increase yield, increase shelf life and profitability. 

It is important to consider the fatty acid profiles of plant oils to create skin type suitable formulations, to balance, hydrate, nourish, soften, soothe and protect the skin. I feel this is what makes Vedani Botanicals different, especially when it comes to problematic skin. 

A very basic explanation would be:

Oily, normal and combination skins suit light textured oils. Plant oils with a high content of essential fatty acids, a low content of oleic acid and saturated fatty acids tend to be lightweight non-pore blocking oils. 

Dry skin benefits from essential fatty acids and the richness of saturated fatty acids and very long chain fatty acids.  


Too sciencey - no worries, just skip to the exciting bit - the ingredient photos and information!

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Alpha linolenic acid (Omega 3, EFA). Calms inflammation 

Punicic acid (Omega 5) Rare, able to balances pH, soothing, anti-microbal and cell generating. 

Linoleic acid (Omega 6, EFA). Helps to reduce trans-epidermal water loss (water loss=dehydration, repairs skin barrier). 

Gamma linolenic acid (Omega 6). Rare GLA, calms inflammation (the reason we take evening primrose/borage seed oils. However, these oils are prone to oxidisation, shortening their shelfl ife. Therefore, I use blackcurrant and hemp seed oils for GLA)


Monounsaturated fatty acids

Palmitoleic acid (Omega 7) found in sebum, anti-microbial, protecting, stimulates healing process. 

Oleic acid (Omega 9) softening, soothing, regenerative. Oils rich in Omega 9 are too heavy for oily skins, or skins prone to congestion. 


Saturated fatty acids

Rich & protecting for dry skin or skin prone to dehydration in harsh weather. Oils, butters and waxes rich in saturated fatty acid are not suitable for skin prone to clogged pores.   

Stearic acid, found in sebum, supports barrier function

Palmitic acid, found in sebum, anti-microbial

Myristic acid soothing, regenerating 

Lauric acid, found in sebum, anti-bacterial and anti-viral

Euricic acid and behenic acid - very long chain fatty acids, protective and anti-oxidative.  



Really good face and body oils are not just about getting the correct balance of fatty acids. Nutrient rich oils containing bio available nutrients such as pro vitamin A (repairing), vitamin C (collagen production boosting), vitamin E (protecting),  other antioxidants and phytonutrients to further treat, rejuvenate and protect the skin.

Antioxidants = anti- free radical damage to cells (cell damage = ageing). Hence why, an antioxidant rich diet and skincare is important to the skin and general health. 

Blackcurrant seed oil, a beautiful dark green, super light oil. Rich in linoleic and GLA , it even has some rare stearodonic (Omega3) fatty acid. It is also prized for is its high vitamin C content. 

Watermelon seed oil, also known as Kalahari oil is used for its protecting qualities. Extremely light and silky, thanks to its high linoleic acid content. Said to help dissolve sebum in pores, cell rejuvenating and containing zinc. I searched for 3 years for the best quality I could find due to these special qualities, and finally found a gem. This find enabled me to develop my light super seed serum for congested skin. I have had wonderful feedback from people with acne and problematic skin. 

Cucumber seed oil, another oil I searched for, after a few years I found a super light and silky oil I was happy with. It is rich in silica, making it a must in the serums for all skin types, but priceless for my blends for oily/congested skins prone to dehydration. The feedback I received from clients praising the hydrating properties of their light blends, was due to cucumber seed oil. It is also rich in Vitamin C. 

Moringa seed, a wonderful find for hydrating and protecting dry skin. It works thanks to its behenic acid content, a rare very long chain fatty acid which boasts anti-oxidative properties and provides protection.  


Pomegranate seed oil is rich in rare punicic acid. Punicic acid has so many beneficial qualities, it is soothing and cell regenerating to name a few. Pomegranate will always be one of the super seed oils in all my moisturisers and serums. 


Sea buckthorn oil, deep orange in colour showing it is rich in pro-vitamin A carotenoids. Also contains vitamin C and E. A potent nutrient rich oil for luxurious moisturisers and serums. 

Hemp seed oil is extremely lightweight, easily absorbed & non pore blocking. Rich in essential fatty acids, even some GLA. 

Apricot kernel oil is rich in Omega 6 (linoleic acid), contains beta-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory compound, as well as pro vitamin A, vitamins E and B17. Vitamin B17, also known as laetrile is a very interesting vitamin, google it to find out why!

Baobab seed oil, rich in Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and saturated fatty acids. A beautiful rich, velvety protecting oil which absorbs more easily into the skin, thanks to the high Omega 6 content.  Antioxidant, rich in pro vitamin A and vitamin E.

Rosehip, Rosa rubignosa from Chile is prized in skincare for its trans-retinoic acid (pro vitamin A) & vitamin C. It also contains a desirable high Omega 3 profile. My clients have had wonderful results from this oil when used to diminish scars and hyperpigmentation. 

The tamanu tree is considered sacred in Tahiti, where the oil is used for its healing abilities. This potent oil is an absolute must in all my blends. 


The photographs below are examples of the ranges I will be launching in the near future. Not quite as professional looking as the current range, as they are awaiting finalisation of professional printing, design and photography. I feel the look of this new range shows the ethos of Vedani Botanicals more clearly - Eco, organic, artisan, sustainably sourced, unisex, planet, people and animal friendly. 

 - Face and body oils: Unisex, fuss free all in one:

Cleanser/moisturiser/massage oil/aftershave/beard oil. Ideal for those who like minimal amount of products. The quality of a face moisturiser, but convenience of an all-in-one product.  Also good for holidays/travelling/camping to reduce on toiletries.    

Plant oil blends can range from super light to very rich, they make super efficient and gentle hydrating cleansers, removing even heavy and waterproof make-up. Cleansing oils thoroughly cleanse without stripping  the skin of its natural oil, helping to reduce excess sebum production for oily skin and leave a comfortable balance for all skins. Plant oil blends used as a moisturiser can balance, hydrate, soothe, nourish, plump, soften, protect, repair and rejuvenate.                                                                                                          
-Super seed serums for devitalised skin in need of a boost.

These blends will have limited availability due to rarity of the oils being available as organic.

I am launching the light and silky serums after years of sourcing the finest quality oils such as organic watermelon, cucumber and black currant seed oils, which are incredibly lightweight yet super hydrating.

The light serum is for oily/normal & combination skin and suitable for skin prone to dehydration, congestion, clogged pores and blemishes. I formulated this blend 3 years ago but had difficulty in finding the quality of watermelon, cucumber and blackcurrant seed oils until last year.

The silky serum is for normal or combination skin, in need of a boost, for tired looking or mature skin, also suitable for skin prone to dehydration, clogged pores and blemishes. 

I have received incredible feedback from clients with problematic skin such as acne, sensitivities, blocked pores, spots, under skin lumps, excess oil and shine, so I am glad I stuck with it - good things come to those who wait! These serums are one of my proudest achievements, as it has taken 20 years to create these blends to be what I believe to be the absolutely best formulation,  gentle yet effective care for congested/problematic, devitalised skin. Those with dull or dehydrated skin have reported plumped, soft, smooth radiant skin. 

The serum for dry skin is rich and velvety. Feedback shows the blend to hydrate, soothe, soften and plump the skin, bringing a luminosity to dull matt skin. I adore this blend, I cannot live without it, it is rich and velvety but not heavy, it has the most luxurious texture. With beautiful, luxurious pequi, moringa, cucumber and blackcurrant seed oils, also rarely available as organic. 


My aim is to have bamboo mitts, which double as the packaging bag. (Bamboo grows freely without pesticides and fertilisers; bamboo muslin is softer than cotton muslin and is naturally anti-bacterial). Until I am able to achieve this, it will remain to be boxes or linen bags ansd a bamboo cloth with the cleansers/all in one face and body oils. The bottles are Miron Violet Glass, famous for its protecting quality. The pump caps are preferable to the traditional droppers, providing convenience, protection from oxisiadation, spillage and contamination. 

Vedani Botanicals Facebook and Instagram pages give tips and information on the botanical oils.

For face and body oil and serum full ingredients list please see the rewards.

The products are available to EU countries only.

If you would like to contact Margaret Karlinski for bespoke workshops, lectures, private tuition in essential or botanical oils or organic product formulation consultancy please email

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