Van for charity shop drop offs

Trying to fund a van to be used to transport donated goods which people cannot physically move themselves to the charity shops.

I've made a few trips to the charity shop recently and spoken to the staff that volunteer. So many people have things to donate but have no means of transporting the goods to the charity shop. Normally this results in items being thrown out to rubbish as its easier.

I thought to myself if I had a running van then I could spend a few days a week helping these shops obtain the items and goods that people cannot physically get to these stores. My plan is to approach these stores and give each one a specific day to have people who are willing to donate ready and booked for me to collect the items and deliver them.

Now I am working a job and have decided to put some of my free time to better use for myself and the community. 

My project is for me to purchase a van with insurance to use for such trips. I have a motorbike for personal use and unfortunately cannot carry most things on that. 

I cannot however afford to pay out a big sum to start this idea of mine. I will run the fuel costs for these journeys I just require a mechanically sound van and insurance to put the fuel in. 

Everyone that funds this idea is equally responsible for those charity shops having more things to sell and provide money to the causes they support. 

I hope you can see my idea as something worth while.