To develop a dedicated helpline service for vulnerable boys & young men, at risk of or who are being exploited.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

UTRUK will be the 1st dedicated helpline service for Boys & Young Men which focuses on exploitation in the UK.

It is being founded by Mike Carroll-Owen a survivor of CSE & an experienced Youth and Community Worker.

When Mike turned 17 he met a man from an online social media app and was groomed to think that this man was his partner, this wasn't the case, as the man started forcing him to hve interactions with other men for money. Mike knows first hand how little service their are for young men & boys when they have been through this type of trauma.

It is widely sterotyped thatĀ CSE towards Young Men & Boys doesn't happen and that it would never happen to young men & boys. It's not just widely sterotyped within the general public but has also been sterotyped by public broadcasters where they have failed to report accurately that young men & boys were also victims of a CSE case that was prominent in the media.

UTRUK aims to highlight these issues and ensure that CSE of boys & young men is reported transparently and in the same way as CSE of girls & young women.

We also want to start addressing the issue of suicide within men aged 20-35 this could be down to many reasons, however we believe that a significant lack of support to boys & young men could be a contributing factor.

The money we raise will be used to create a dedicated helpline service to provide the necessary support for these boys & young men, and to highlight how big of an issue this is and to stop these cases from falling under the radar.