Collectively impacting and changing our communities, by taking a genuine interest in ‘the individual’, through business partnerships.

Heart & Vision

Our vision is to partner with the construction industry by establishing a Social Enterprise as an accredited  Construction Training/Test Centre, whereby funds generated through industry skills training and certification requirements, are used to support life skills development, education, training and support of individuals seeking help within the local communities.

The centre promotes industry standards and safe working practices, but goes one step further by connecting these requirements with social development. The centre effectively becomes the mechanism for companies to ‘reach’ into the community and significantly contribute towards community development, impacting lives.

Rewards & Incentives

The reward of impacting a life goes beyond anything we could offer and its value could only ever be expressed by the individuals we are able to impact and the lives we can change.

Our rewards and incentives are focused around marketing and promoting of partnerships with companies and individuals, by expressing this success through various avenues.

Visit our website for more details on the Rewards and Incentives: Rewards & Incentives

What is the Impact?

This centre creates a long term sustainable social solution, but also has the capacity to create an immediate impact. Through Industry Training & Certification, we are able to generate revenue that will be allocated to individuals in our communities in the form of a £500 grant.

These funds are invested into individual’s lives through life skills development, education, training and work placement opportunities. (These funds are also not limited to the construction sector, and may be used to help individuals peruse their passions).

Our heart is to not only provide funding to those in need, but to walk with each individual over a period of time, helping to maximise their potential, and if need be, re-invest in an individuals' life, provided they are meeting set goals and objectives.

Why are we Crowdfunding?

A successful crowdfunding campaign will enable us to establish our first training centre including machinery, classrooms, ablution block, certified trainers and relevant industry approvals.  This is a flexible modular design that can grow as we introduce new courses or be replicated to maximise our social impact.

Thereafter, the model becomes self-sustainable; a social model built on purpose and partnership, rather than financial contribution.

Reaching our Target

The goal is always to reach the target, but some may ask ‘what if you don’t?’

For us, this has not been a quick idea, but has taken research, investment, business plans and financial models to create multiple avenues to make this happen. Yes, a successful campaign will make it possible to establish a fully functional centre offering a scope of courses, but if we should fall short of our target, we will continue to raise funds through various marketing campaigns and partnerships. We will also begin training by offering onsite services, until we raise the required funds to build the centre.

Get Involved

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