UK Young Scientist of the Year 2016 Finals

I am in the National Finals for UK Young Scientist of the Year and need to hire a thermal imaging camera and get public liability insurance.

My name is Catherine Fitzpatrick. I am a student at St Joseph’s College, Stoke-on-Trent, and last summer I participated in a Nuffield Research Placement at Keele University investigating: ‘Determining the effectiveness of hand-held thermal imaging to detect human remains’. I have already received the Nuffield award and the gold CREST award for my project, and am through to the National Finals for UK Young Scientist of the Year to be held in Birmingham at the Big Bang Fair in March.

As part of the display that I will be putting on, I was hoping to make use of a hand-held thermal imaging camera. However, I am unable to borrow the camera which I used for the project from Keele University as I am not one of their current students. Additionally for the event I will need public liability insurance to cover my stand. Therefore, any donations possible made towards the cost of hiring a thermal imaging camera for the week, and towards the public liability insurance, would be extremely helpful and gratefully received.

Thank you very much for considering my request.