Two smiles charity shop, in aid of CLAPA

We are wanting to open a children's charity shop, raising awareness of Clapa, cleft lip and palate association, in gosport

Project aim

We are wanting to open a children's charity shop, raising awareness of Clapa, cleft lip and palate association, in gosport

About the project


My daughter was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. We found out at my 20week scan, as soon as we found out a lady came out within weeks, from CLAPA. She kept in contact with us teaching us and telling us when they plan to do operations. 

My daughter was born, after being worried I'd critasise her for her cleft lip, I fell in love. Unfortunately the hospital I was at has never felt with a cleft (staff) so she was taken to have a tube down her nose for feeding.  within 24 hours our cleft support worker came to our rescue, she taught us to feed our daughter with a special squeeze bottle. After 3days of panicking from the hospital we soon got our beautiful daughter home. 

After lots of visits from the cleft team and some trips up to Salisbury 3months came round, we had to hand our little girl over for her lip repair, I'd gown so attached to that special gap but I new it was best for her and we yet to see her new smile. We got our little girl back after hours of waiting, again the cleft team helped us with feeding and got us back home after a couple of days. Only and three months till the palate repaire at least we knew what we're in for this time. We couldn't have got though any of this with out the help from CLAPA. 

We've had so much support from the speech therapist, our daughter is now 5years old and her speech is pretty perfect. She goes on about the gap in her gum win she loves, we've told her when she 9 she will have that repaired. She only complains how all her friends are loosing there baby teeth quicker than her and that she many struggle to whistle. 

We're currently trying to track down if the cleft is in our family history and doing genetic test with CLAPA, as my mother was adopted we won't get far. We only know that I have vander woude syndrome (pits in the lip, otherwise known as lip pits) my daughter and son both have these and this is a cause of a cleft. I only found this out after my daughter was born.


I would never have known how amazing this charity is until I had my daughter. I want to help them back as much as I can, that's why I want to open a shop in aid of CLAPA, not just selling clothes but selling some of there products and holding antenatal classes, also just getting together if your down or suffering with depression, that's men and women.