turntables for a schizophrenic

turntables for a schizophrenic

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Hello sir/madam my name is Hal and i had to sell my technnics as i was really poor. This was purely to keep the wolf from the door in this cruel capitalist enima of ups and downs. see it is my dream to be a great dj like my hero dj goldie however my DJ look ran out and my plans of this were squandered due to a truly sad stroke of finantial bad luck. I am currently using virtual dj daily but it simply isnt enough to make it nowardays. With your help I hope to mash up a dance near you:0. I am involved with oxfam and study part time graphics. I lead a rather difficult life you see as the crazies go first in this mad world and i cannot express how much your generosity would mean to me. Like i said i  am not looking to swindle anyone just to be reunited with my precious 1210s. Yours sincerely Hal.