tshirt printing

tshirt printing

             need help setting up a tshirt bussiness                                                         

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 30th Oct 2016 our project closed

 Hello my name is Delano Manuel i would be grateful for your help in spreading the word of GOD through tshirts, caps, plates ,cups ,Bible covers and on anything that can be printed on The thing is i cant do this on my own

the company need £10000  to start and set up the printing business  printing machines transfer paper inks          for printing silk screens  once the project is up and running i will donate 10% of the profets the company makes to a worthy cause  every month all those that donated to help spead the word through printing the word they names will be put in a hat and the one whose name is called will have the pleaser of donating the money to a worth cause   ASK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND KNOCK AND THE DOORS OF HEAVEN WILL OPEN BLESSED ARE THOSE THAT RUN TO SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP THOSE THAT BRING FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY SOULS GOD LOVES A GENEROUS GIVER THEIR ONCE WAS A MAN WHO NEEDED HELP SO ALONG CAME HELP HE ASKED HOW HE COULD PAY BACK THE HELP HELP SAID THAT HE SHOULD HELP THREE OTHER PEOPLE AND TELL THOSE THREE TO DONATE AND SOW FOURTH PLEASE HELP FEED HUNGRY SOULS DONATE TO DAY THANK GOD AMEN