Travelling to Canada to attend friends wedding!

Travelling to Canada to attend friends wedding!

Help me go attend my friend of 20 years wedding who I haven't seen in four years!

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Hi everyone,

As you know weddings are a time of celebration where people come together to show their love and support for the ones who are about to embark on a lifetime adventure together.

With that being said, I am trying to raise money so that I can return back to Canada this August, to take part in the wedding celebrations of a friend who I have known for the better part of twenty years and haven't seen in four years as I'm currently living in the United Kingdom. What makes this trip special to myself is that I’ve been asked to be a groomsman at his wedding and I’d like the opportunity to stand up there and support him on the biggest day of his life.

My current financial situation does not stretch to cover the costs to fund the trip as I am currently undertaking an LLM Masters at university here in the United Kingdom (after already completing three years of law school in the United Kingdom!) hence why I am turning to crowdfunding to help raise the money to attend my friend’s wedding!  

Your donations will help cover the cost of the ticket for the flight from the United Kingdom to Canada as well as car rental, as we all know Canada is one big place!

I know this is a lot to ask but help me make my friend’s wedding even better by helping me raise the money to partake in his and his fiancé's big day!

Finally, if any extra money is raised (going beyond the target) I will donate it to a charity of someone's choosing.