Travel Without Fear

Travel Without Fear

Travel Without Fear is a web portal. Referral service for accessible holiday for people with disability.

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On 9th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £35 with 2 supporters in 56 days

How  Accessible Are Hotels & Resorts?

The aim of this  project to help more companies working in hospitality industry, especially hotels & resorts to diversify their services and encourage people with disabilities to travel more. In the future as a long-term goal, potentially hire people with disabilities in the hope of decreasing the unemploymnet rate.  

As an individual with a mobility disability, I have experienced issues travelling, especially regarding accommodation. Many of the travel websites in the market they do not show credible information, they say one thing on the website but in reality is another.

I decided to start this project because of my experiences as a young woman that loves to travel and covering how I overcome obstacles with my mobility disability and travelling can be very challenging at times. I am sure there are a number of us that face similar issues whether we travel abroad or take advantage of leisure activities nearby. For example, finding accommodation for a holiday seems to be another area I struggle with, there’s nothing more annoying than seeing an amazing hotel with ‘adapted rooms’ but in reality, the nightmare begins upon checking in. The public transports in some countries I’ve visited are non-accessible friendly. Therefore, through this project, I hope to share locations that welcome all people with and/or without disabilities.

Also, some hotels if you require accessible room they charge extra and the process of searching for accessible hotels according to budget and needs can be very stressful. This is because there are many filters that need to be used in order to find your ideal holiday. For this reason, I thought maybe it is a good to create a website portal which allows a quick recommendation of places which offer accessibility for different types of disability such as mobility, deaf, learning difficulty.

Travel Without Fear (TWF) is a travel portal that will be based in England – London. TWF will handle all aspect of hotel bookings & resorts.  It will work by inviting travellers with a disability, less mobility or other needs, and anyone who loves to travel; to record their travel experiences in a structured way. We will use this structured information to connect more people with more travel accessible friendly locations, and encourage locations to make travel more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

How the funding will be used?

I will be using the funding to help in many aspects of the project. Firstly, since my business is online I will need new equipment to help do my work, for example, desktop computer and office equipment, mobile phone only for the business purposes and stationary equipment. Secondly, the funding will help with the development and maintenance of the website. Further, I intend to present my project to my local community, and with this funding help, I will be able to set up for events. I will need marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, posters and most importantly renting a place for the presentation & catering service. Also, since I will be attending business meetings so I will be using the money for transport due to the nature of my disability. Finally, most importantly I will use the money to get business licence and insurance. 

Thank you for your support.

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