To create a translation website that works with the learner to create accurate translations, particularly aimed at secondary school students

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 16th Jan 2017 our project closed

I am a Modern Foreign Languages teacher in a Secondary School in the North of England.

The problem I am faced with on a daily basis is pupils thinking that Google Translate holds the key to all their language woes. However translation sites are often inaccurate and can't predict what form of a word they require (ie when looking up 'bat' they could be given the verb 'to bat' the noun (cricket) bat or the noun for the animal. When first learning a language, when knowledge of how the target language is limited, this can often result in pupils blindly following where translation websites lead with inaccurate consequences. I would like raise the necessary funds to attract a reputable website developer to build a website that interacts with the user, asking them questions before revealing a translation (i.e. With the case mentioned above: do you mean 'bat' the animal -noun; a bat you would use in sport -noun or something you would do in a sport -verb)