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A Social Enterprise project Westcliff On Sea, Essex

Wecome to TOMz ClanYT. Your small investment can help buy proper equipment to help make more people happy...


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Fund it This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:00pm 12th November 2016


Wecome to TOMz Clan Call of Duty. I am the lead of the channel and we need your help. At the moment I create short montages with my friends for my friends and that is all I wanted it for but recently we have been getting some outside support and they really like the channel. At the moment the montages are pretty basic but with a small investment I could buy a better editing software to make better edits and get my channel out there for more people to enjoy. This probably isn't the most valuable investment ever but when I know that I have made something that other people have watched and enjoyed it warms my heart. I am not asking for much just your time. Thanks x