Create a warm and stimulating community space using renewable technology as part of the Tobermory Scout and Community Hall renewal.

Tobermory is a small town of only 1050 residents, on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland, 129 miles from Glasgow and 124 miles from Inverness.  The island was home to Charles Hector Fitzroy Maclean of Duart, who was the Chief Scout of The Scout Association in the UK between 1959 and 1971, and continued as Chief Scout of the Commonwealth until August 1975, yet the only Scout Hall on the island is in desperate need of new efficient heating, while our efforts to replace the hall are ongoing. 


The Tobermory Scout Hall was built c. 1966 by the scout leaders and the scouts at the time.  It was envisaged that this building would provide a ‘temporary’ home for the scouts. Almost 50 years later, despite its deteriorating condition, it is still being used for a wide range of activities including exercise classes, ballet, puppy training and childrens parties to name a few, as well as the headquarters for the local Scout and Guide groups. 

However, its use during the colder months is limited, as the hall is simply too difficult to heat.  Making sure that the hall can be utilised all year round, whilst fundraising to replace the hall, has become a priority, not only for the comfort of all users but to maintain an income stream to help the fundraising efforts of the last 5 years to replace the hall. 

Replacing the heating system for an air to air heat pump, will heat the hall more efficiently while reducing our carbon emissions and outgoing costs to create a warm and inviting space for the whole community to enjoy. This type of heating can be easily transferred to our new hall.

Notice in the photo below taken at a bingo fundraiser, everyone has their fleeces or coats still on!


With the average annual temperature on Mull at only 7˚C, and an average summer maximum of 15˚C, we are well placed to demonstrate how well renewable technologies can operate within a hostile climate.   Please help to ‘warm up’ our hall by voting for this project!

A dedicated band of over 50 volunteers, scouts, guides, parents, grandparents and members of the community have raised over £30,000 towards the new hall, you can help to raise this total by supporting our ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign using the crowdfunding link to the right, thank you.