To Help People Gain A Beautiful Life

To all supporters, this project is to help people to gain beautiful life by living healthy, happy and meaningful.


To all supporters, this project is to help people to gain beautiful life by living healthy, happy and meaningful in the whole world. Please send this project to as many people you know as possible through email or social media so that more people able to pledge and support my project.

Life is not easy, people facing stress of work, relationship, financial or other. Every day some people may have stress of work but no other choice, they still need to work because they have no other choice with similar salary or location. Another group of certain high income people, their income is high but very day need to struggle to achieve job targets or business targets. Over stress for long term will cause mental problem, increase chance of cancer and heart diseases.

Some people may have relationship problem between their family members, love one, colleagues or friends due to different way of thinking or financial problem.

Another group of people having health problems example high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, coronary artery disease, cardiovascular diseases,  chronic lung diseases,etc.


With your donation and financial support to this program, you will get different ebook examples:

1) Tips to reduce stress

2) Tips to improve relationships
3) Eat healthy food

Each ebook cost 100 and the more amount you pledge, you can get my authorization to resell the ebooks. I have all copy right (Abe Biz) of this ebooks.

By your donation and support, god will bless you to be a healthier, happier and richer person. After you given out something, the universe will give you back the same things. That is why Warren Buffett and  Mark Zuckerberg always do charity and they become richer.

The donation and fund received through this platform, part of it will be for this platform owner charge, the fund processing platform example paypal and currency coversion. Some of other amount I will donate to certain charity organization. The remaining is for me to further develop programs to benefits more people.

Do leave your name, mobile contact number (indicate if you have whatsapp or viber or we chat), mailing address and email address with me, so that we can keep in touch for friendship and deliver to you the ebooks.