To help me train and compete in dryland mushing

I really want to compete with my sled dogs in dryland mushing, unfortunately i need a new scooter or rig and ganglines. We have...

 I really want to compete with my sled dogs in dryland mushing, not only is it a great sport but it is also a wonderful way to exercise your dogs.

Unfortunately i need a new scooter and ganglines. We have been training with a bike and are now ready to really get started with a scooter, once we have got a new scooter then i would like to compete wherever i can. I would eventually like to train up or rescue another husky so i can have a three dog team and compete with a rig.

Anything you can give to help me reach my dream would be really appreciated, money raised will also go towards transport and fees for events.

This is a great sport and the dogs love it, if you have not heard of dryland mushing then you should definately look into it or watch videos of others competing on youtube so you can really see why this sport is so exciting to me.