Help us fund LGBT+ teacher training in Scotland

Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) are fundraising in order to pay for Scottish teachers to attend LGBT+ inclusive training courses.

Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) is a campaign aimed at tackling LGBT-phobia within Scottish schools.

We are fundraising in order to pay for Scottish teachers to attend training programmes that can assist them in combatting LGBT-phobia, teaching LGBT+ issues and supporting LGBT+ pupils in their schools.

Currently, due to cuts, many schools do not have the funds available in their CPD budgets to send their teachers to such courses. LGBT-phobic attitudes and behaviours are still commonplace in our nation's schools:

52% of LGBT+ youth have experienced homophobic bullying in Scottish schools26% (1 in 4) have attempted suicide as a result and 54% are regularly self harming 54% of LGBT+ youth do not feel part of their school communities42% of trans youth have left education due to transphobic bullying

Unfortunately, addressing this via teacher training and a whole school approach is not currently on the Scottish Government's agenda - and, so, we have decided to take matters into our own hands - but we need your support. We are raising funds that will be put directly towards training teachers.

We believe that it is pivotal that teachers receive specific training in this area, in order to give them the confidence to discuss LGBT+ issues with their pupils. Throughout our campaign, we have corresponded heavily with teachers - most of whom are keen to address LGBT-phobia within their own schools and discuss issues relating to their LGBT+ pupils, but they are not sure how to do so.

Currently, TIE is funded entirely out of the pocket of one of it's co-founders - but this is not sustainable if we want to grow and achieve our aims. If you believe in EQUALITY - help us!


To send one teacher on Stonewall Scotland's Train the Trainer course, it costs £120 inc. VAT @ 20%. This course is very cost effective: attendees are trained to be trainers, thus allowing them to return to their establishment and train other staff using the guidance and materials that they have received during the course.

£1201 teacher = 1 step closer to a more inclusive school environment

A portion of funds raised will also occasionally be used towards material printing - a batch of 5000 leaflets costs £59.50 for example, however they last for months.



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