Three Little Birds Childrenswear

Three Little Birds Childrenswear

Small local business, looking to get a new sewing machine and supplies in order to continue business.


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Let me introduce myself...

Hi guys, my name is Chloe. I am 21 years old.  I live with my boyfriend and two beautiful little girls and our Alaskan Malamute dog, Nanuk.  I work full-time as a care assistant for the elderly as well as running Three Little Birds at nights and throughout the day (via my personal facebook page). All I want out of life is to be happy, provide a good life for my family and make my family proud of me. I love drawing, creating clothing garments and photography. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and taking my dog out long walks with a charity for Northern Breed Dogs (shout out to Saints Sled Dog Rescue - SSDR)! Meet my beautiful, crazy family...

The Lightbulb Moment...

Three Little Birds is my dream and my passion. I came up with the idea of Three Little Birds when I got home from my 4th 13 hour shift in a row, every bone and muscle in my body was aching, I had almost no sleep in 4 days, I had hardly spent any time with my boyfriend or the children. Don't get me wrong I love my job, I love my residents, I love my co-workers and I love how rewarding my job is but I thought to myself "I'm working all these hours, for money that barely covers the costs of living and I'm missing out on valuable time with my family". I have always been very creative and full of ideas. From a young age my granny taught me how to knit and sew. At school I completed Advanced Higher Art & Design (purely for the designing part). I have always created my own clothing garments (transforming old clothes into new, unique pieces), Halloween costumes and blankets etc for gifts. So I thought, I literally can't get another job, I already miss out on spending time with my family and my job just now takes so much energy from you. Then I thought what if I create clothes for my two girls and see how family and friends like them and see if I could earn some extra cash from making things at night when the girls are in bed and sell them via my facebook. It was a hit, I created a Frozen Tutu Dress for the youngest, posted a picture and 6 people asked me to make one for their children too and from then on I was making at least 8 tutus a week. Most people assume I called my brainchild Three Little Birds because of the Bob Marley song, as awesome as that song is I actually thought "Three Little Birds" for our three babies (yes, my dog is my baby too lol) and their second name is Bird, since I'm doing this for them it only felt right.

Building My Empire...

Three Little Birds offers unique, trendy clothing garments at affordable prices. All my orders are custome made to order. I also create custom baby blankets, cushions, nappy cakes and baby hampers. I also love giving to charity, so I came up with the idea of asking my family and friends to donate old baby clothes that can be resold for cheaper prices, this way mothers or expectant mothers that can't really afford to splurge on baby clothes can get great second hand clothes at exceptional prices. The clothes that are donated but have stains etc on them I take parts that don't have stains on them and piece many different parts of different items together to create baby blankets and sell them on very cheap. All money earned from the recycling process is donated to charity monthly. Each month I choose a different charity, sometimes it's only £5 I'm donating sometimes it can be £50 just depends on sales from the "Giving Back" section. By the end of 2017 I dream of having my own little store in Glasgow where my customers can come in and try on clothes as well as see the clothes in person before purchasing (all sales done via social media currently).

How Can You Help?

So, I am appealing to the beautiful people of the world to help me out,  recently my sewing machine has broken down on me (I've had it since my 16th Birthday and use it almost constantly), so I am currently not able to complete or take any orders. My sewing machine is my life and I really need to replace it in order to start up business again. Also, due to my sewing machine breaking down out of the blue I've had to cancel orders and refund customers so I now have basically no money left to buy new supplies. Although I work a full-time job I am unable to come up with the funds for a new sewing machine and some new supplies. I am asking everyone to give anything you can to help me get my pride and joy back up and running...

Thank You for supporting my empire, it is truely appreciated.

Peace and Love, Chloe xo