Thornton Heath Poltergeist

We're creating a Film called 'The Thornton Heath Poltergeist', we've raised money for equipment, now we need to buy costumes and props!

They did it!

On 21st Oct 2016 we successfully raised



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The Plot Outline:

Based on a true story - Set in London 1972 an average family move into a seemingly normal house located in Thornton Heath, Croydon. But they are soon to discover their house is far from normal, in fact their home accommodates an extremely insidious character named Chatterton who is confused, angry and has been long deceased for decades.

We have made short films, music videos and other work but wanted to take on the challenge of a full length feature film. We have a potential cast list after holding workshops and auditions and now we are ready to start!

As many people may know, creating such professional content means we need to purchase a wide range of equipment. We have rasied a little bit of money and we have now purchased majority of our equipment! However, we also need to purchase costumes, props, makeup, refreshments and catering, not to mention pay for scripts to be printed etc. We are looking for donations to help us out, and our promise to you is that for whatever reason if this film wasn't to finalise - we'd give your money back. But, that's not going to happen!! Your name will be featured in the credits if you donate!