This is for an amazing lady in my life.

A Community project Warrington, Cheshire

This is for an amazing lady in my life.

This is a long shot and I am counting on the amazing people out there to help me as much as they can... Here goes.


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Fund it This project will only be funded if at least £1,000 is pledged by 6:52pm 3rd December 2016

I have asked for people out there to help my Grandmother enjoy the time she has left with us in comfort and care. Any help is appreciated. 

My Nan and Grandad have been a massive part of my life ever since I can remember. My Dad left my Mum when both my sister and I were small so as Mum was working, my Nan and Grandad became my second parents looking after us.

Now I have grown up and my Grandad passed away some years ago, my Nan has slowly become ill and it's breaking my heart. She has been the heart of my family and always being there no matter how busy she was. 

Time has had an effect on my Nan and she is now in hospital and has the onsets of dimentia. It's  heartbreaking seeing her forget and thinking her mother is still alive even though she isn't... 

The hospital want to send her home but she needs to go into a home and there is no funding for his and her home is now not an option so I'm asking people to help me get the funding for her first days in the home until my family can get the funding we need in order to secure my Nan's security and comfort.

I don't know what I'd do without my Nan and I'm working as hard as I can to get as much support as possible.

Thank you.