The Telling's First CD

First CD by medieval group The Telling: a special mesmeric sound of 2 voices & harp. Medieval music inc by extraordinary Hildegard of Bingen


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We are The Telling – a pool of medieval performers who put on intimate performances that often are “more than a concert”. We transport you back in time through music, story-telling and atmospheric lighting and candlelight.

We now want to make our first ever CD of our The Lily and the Rose programme with Clare Norburn, soprano, Ariane Prussner, mezzo and Leah Stuttard, harp. 

The story behind it goes like this, as Clare explains:

"20 years ago, 2 singers found each other.

Our voices, although quite different, gelled in a special way.  Audiences talked about how when we sang together we were so much more than the sum of our parts – together we created a “third voice” they said.  Then Ariane moved to Barcelona and there was silence…. Until two years ago when we had the joy of working together again." 

The CD will include 3 pieces by the extraordinary medieval Abbess Hildegard von Bingen, alongside other medieval pieces celebrating lilies, roses and greenery.  Lilies and roses were used as imagery in sacred text in praise of the Virgin Mary and, in strong contrast, in love songs.  

So there's the beautiful English carol Ther Is No Rose, earthly love songs, exotic upbeat Spanish cantigas and soulful songs from the Sephardic Jewish tradition - and one of the most beautiful pieces in the medieval repertory: Ciconia's O Rosa Bella

Although we have recorded together in other ensembles, we want to make a CD in 2017 which will capture that special sound for posterity.  Clare and Ariane will work with one of the best medieval harpist in the world, the wonderful Leah Stuttard – with whom we also worked in several groups over the years.

Making this recording would be a dream come true for us.

But we need to raise £3000 to cover the recording costs. 

We know the notes.  But we can’t book the recording studio until we have some funds. 

And we only have until 15 December to complete our fundraising. 

Please back our project.  To thank you we’ve dreamt up some special and rather quirky rewards including

* a Skype performance just for you

* a special bonus track

* a chance to eavesdrop on a rehearsal or part of one of the recording sessions and join the performers for the teabreak.

Every donation counts.  And please also help us by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and email.