How it works

Show your support for Love Type D and Light Years by pledging money in return for the rewards on offer.

Both will benefit from further funding and distribution support if they reach their targets, which means more people are likely to see their work in the cinema.

Like them, you can take to Crowdfunder to raise the essential funds to make your film and get it out there. Hundreds of the UK’s brightest filmmakers have crowdfunded their productions down the years to turn their ideas into reality.

This time around, you could unlock an extra £5,000 for your film project.

The idea is simple: raise funds for your film on Crowdfunder this summer and the project that draws the biggest Crowd will win the cash.

The filmmaker with the highest number of unique backers at midnight on 30th September 2016 will win the £5,000 prize fund.

The winning project must have raised at least £1,000 from the Crowd to be eligible. In addition, the project must either be completed or less than £5,000 away from reaching target by midnight on 30th September 2016. Projects using the 'all or nothing' funding method that have closed without reaching target will not be considered.

Sound good? Simply launch a project in the 'Film and Theatre' category on Crowdfunder before the end of September. Raise funds from your Crowd as normal. If your project fits the above criteria and has the highest number of unique backers at midnight on 30th September 2016, you will take home the £5,000 prize fund.

There’s plenty of support along the way in the shape of regular workshops to make sure your film gets the audience your hard work deserves.

Premiere your film through Crowdfunder.

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All projects raise funds and the film with the biggest support wins the cash


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We Are The Tonic helps filmmakers and production companies hit the screen in the best possible way - to the right audiences, on the right platforms, supported by strong distribution and marketing strategies. They also provide tailored marketing mentoring programmes for filmmakers in the UK and Europe.