The Draykon Map Project A Publishing project from Koog a/d Zaan, Netherlands, Koog a/d Zaan by charlotteenglish

Hello, and welcome to the Draykon Map Project. “Draykon” refers to a series of high fantasy/mystery novels written by me, Miss Charlotte E. English, and currently available through most major ebook stores. These books have drama, suspense, humour, intrigue, romance, imagination, fabulous cover art... and no world map.

And really, any fantasy series worth its salt has a beautiful world map on its opening pages. Without it, my books just can’t keep up with the other kids in the playground, and it’s making them sad.

The cover art was created by the wonderful Elsa Kroese, and I’d like to hire her to create the map, too. The funds raised via this project will be used to purchase a black-and-white map of the Seven Realms and a more elaborate version, in colour.

After the project closes, I’ll be creating a second edition version of each book featuring the new map, plus a glossary of terms. In return for helping me to achieve this goal, I’ve assembled a list of Draykon-themed goodies to give out as a thank you for your help. Some of these items are exclusive and only available through this project.

If you’d like to take a look at my books and maybe sample a chapter or two, you can visit my website or mosey on over to your local ebook store (including Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Kobo). The short story collection Leximandra Reports features many of the characters from the novels, and can be downloaded for free from Smashwords and most other stores.

Delivery dates: digital rewards will be sent out as soon as they& 39;re ready, so you& 39;ll receive your 2nd edition ebooks a little before they hit the shops. Prints will be ordered and hopefully dispatched in May/June. Print copies of the books will go out by the end of the summer (sooner if they& 39;re ready sooner).

Please feel free to ask me any questions you like about this project, or the books in general. Thank you for visiting, reading and donating!

Charlotte E. English


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Project funded
PLEDGE £10.00 OR MORE 4 backers so far An ebook pack containing all titles I have out at the time, in your choice of format. This includes all three Draykon novels (2nd edition) plus at least the first two Malykant Mystery novellas.
PLEDGE £20.00 OR MORE 3 backers so far Ebook pack plus a digital copy of the new, in-colour Draykon world map (high resolution, desktop sized). This will be digitally signed by both author and artist.
PLEDGE £40.00 OR MORE 1 backer so far Ebook pack and digital map, plus a (physical) 35 x 28cm print of the cover art of your choice OR the colour map, signed by the author.
PLEDGE £70.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Ebook pack, digital map and 35 x 28cm prints of all three Draykon book covers, signed by the author.
PLEDGE £110.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Ebook pack and digital map, plus signed paperback copies of all three Draykon books (Draykon, Lokant and Orlind). Personalised to you by the author.
PLEDGE £140.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Ebook pack and digital map, plus signed, personalised paperback copies of all three Draykon books (Draykon, Lokant and Orlind), plus a print of the colour map or cover art of your choice.