The Beginners' Guide to Psychic Trickery A Film and Theatre project from Edinburgh, Scotland, Edinburgh by ashpryce

I will be running three different shows looking at the cons of psychic tricksters over the fringe in August:

Part 1: How to be a Psychic Conman

A fully interactive demonstration of various tricks that psychics have used over the years. From the Fox Sisters through to Uri Geller, psychics have been claiming to be able to do things beyond our understanding.

Nearly all of the major claims of psychics and mediums can easily be re-created and tonight we will be reproducing such famous feats as Telekinesis, Filipino Psychic Surgery, the Remote Viewing experiments of America& 39;s "Stargate" program (The 70s CIA shenanigans and not the inter dimensional, Goa& 39;uld busting kind) and much more - including an attempt to beat the odds of the Randi Million.

A fun, entertaining and magic filled evening that also takes a look at the history of psychic trickery and how it has become such a popular phenomenon. Warning to those on the front row - there will be blood!

Part 2: How to Predict the Future

Since early man with his rattles and whistles first read the entrails of a rabid mule, people have thought it possible to see into the future. You can predict certain things based on trends, but an all seeing third eye with aspirations of being the new Nostradamus is not a reality. However, it is almost impossible to walk through a busy town centre without seeing adverts for tarot readers and psychics who can tell you what’s in your future- using my own prediction ability I see a loss of about £10 in the future of anyone deciding to engage with a bit of pub tarot.

Learn about the ages old palmistry, how the runes can affect your life, take part in an interactive gameshow to discover if Nostradamus got anything right at all and compare alleged supernatural prophecy with some prediction based magic trickery.

So join us as we attempt to unravel the mysteries of predicting the future, from phrenology to crystal gazing- feeling your bumps and playing with balls if you will- this show will use humour and audience participation to investigate prophecy. Is there anything to it or is it all just bunk? (hint: it’s probably the latter. Not that I’m psychic or anything).

Part 3: How to Talk to the Dead
Hydesville. 1848. Three sisters stumble across something otherworldly: an ability to communicate with the dearly departed. The Fox Sisters took their séance on tour and are the people most responsible for the Medium and Spiritualist craze that continues to this day.

What tricks and deceits did the Fox Sisters employ and what of the Ouija Board or Spirit Slates? What about levitating objects and people? Mumler’s Spirit Photography? Ectoplasm? What of the last woman imprisoned for Witchcraft- if indeed she was?

We bring collection of tools and toys and will recreate elements of a Victorian style séance and reveal just how they did it. As a group you will take part in a theatrical experiment- just how convincing were those Victorian tricks and will they still convince today?

Showing people how not to get conned. With magic!

A combinaiton of Derren Brown and Uri Geller - the magician and the psychic.  Showing you how it& 39;s done.

Plus all who donate £10 or more from June 17th will be entered into a prize draw to win exclusive Project barnum merchendise -

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