The Toy Foundry

The Toy Foundry

I am raising funds to buy tools and materials to manufacture my products. The funds will also be used to promote the start of my business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My business focuses on giving children opportunity to explore, learn and use their imagination.

I have often looked up and noticed the only thing my children play with is either a mobile or computer. I know I won't cause a revolution overnight but my core value is to give parents the opportunity to engage with their children through toys and play.

All my toys are built to a very high standard and made to last using only wood and fabric. Each toy can be personalised for the child if required.

My business is not a “Stack it high sell it cheap” business, I want to make a positive impact on every child that plays with my toys.

I fully understand as a toy maker my responsibility is to promote the important things to children, none of the products I sell relate to War or fighting. We don't make toy guns or to tanks etc

Key Facts:-

1) All products can be personalised

2) If a customer is on a low-income or living below the poverty line they receive discount

3) All products are made from wood and fabrics.

4) All toys promote interaction 

5) Toys will not be gender specific, we do not target products to boy or girls separately

6) If a toy breaks after the warranty ends it can be returned for repair at a small cost

7) All toys are made with the environment in mind, focusing on waste reduction and sustainable materials 

8) Schools, hospitals and children's charities receive a discount on purchases.

I have quite a few years experience in the logistics sector I have set up and managed large distribution networks and warehouses, the last distribution center I created held over five thousand products. 

I have experience of managing cash flow whilst setting up a business and producing products.

However, I think the most important skill I have to offer my business is that I am a parent and I know what moms and dads expect when buying something for their children.

So what gave me this idea and why do I want to go for it..

Well, I want to decide my own future and have a positive impact on others, My main inspiration comes from my own children as parents we a sidelined into buying plastic mind numbing toys for our children.  I asked my children to go without their mobiles for a few days and after their cold turkey they started playing together with toys and I noticed a significant difference in them and their moods.

Money and how it will be used

40% Tools and machinery

30% Marketing

20% Starting Stock


I will be producing:

1)Toys for toddlers and juniors

2)Baby products and toys

3) Educational toys

3) Furniture and personalised gifts