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The average parent spends up to £2000 on swimming lessons, whereas parents can use my parents swim guide videos and lesson plans for FREE!

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Drowning is currently the third most common cause of accidental death with children here in the U.K.


Although swimming is part of the school curriculum it is expected that 200,000 primary school children will leave school unable to swim this year.


Research has proven that children would be happy for their parents to teach them how to swim.


Parents agree, 86% of them would love for this to happen but they just don't know how.


I've have made it my mission to show you parents how!


My name is Nathaniel and I'm The Swim Specialist.


With 7yrs of international experience, It’s is estimated that I have taught over 5,000 children how to swim using my unique and interactive lesson plans.


The average parent spends up to £2000 on swimming lessons, whereas parents can use my videos and lesson plans for FREE!


This revolutionary idea is an effective, safer, and a cheaper alternative to swimming lessons that ultimately will save lives.


I have and would like larger group of parents willing to participate in my swim guide.


I'm asking for £750 that will help me create an sample toolkit for parents consisting of exciting  videos, innovative lesson plans and rewarding certificates.


Help me to help you save lives! 


To find out more, visit The Swim Specialist on YouTube.


Thank you!


Nathaniel Birkett

The Swim Specialist