The Student Sponsorship Campaign

The Student Sponsorship Campaign

Bangor university student hoping to raise money so hungry students don't go on eating pot noodles

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 26th Dec 2016 our project closed

Hello there! I'm a student at Bangor university and I'm wondering if you'd like to help our community today. During my time at the university I have realised that as the city is so small (the majority of the population is made up of students) many local shops and businesses who have great pride for their city only employ those born to the area. This creates a great deal of problems for many students as student living can be quite expensive, and with no source of income your savings can be used up fast!

What I'm suggesting is that YOU can help allow these students to have an enjoyable university experience, without worrying about money issues, enabling them to focus on their studies rather than their bank accounts.