The Spandex B*stards: Below The Belt

A Film and Theatre project Exeter, United Kingdom

(il)logical theatre is a new theatre company taking our debut show up to Etcetera Theatre at The Camden Fringe from the 10th-14th August.

New stretch target

If we are fortunate enough to reach our fundraising target, this will help to cover any additional props, costumes, and marketing costs, as well as covering some of our expenses.

Thank you very much for all that you have donated so far and any more that you could give would be very much appreciated!

Love from Illogcial Theatre x

Project aim

Illogical Theatre is a new theatre company taking our debut show up to the Etcetera Theatre at The Camden Fringe from the 10th-14th August.

About the project


We are Illogical Theatre, a new company made up of current drama undergraduates at the University of Exeter.

Our new devised show that we're taking to Camden is called: 'The Spandex B*stards: Below the Belt' and is a ridiculous comedy where 6 skinny "men" humiliate themselves by attempting to wrestle. In order to help us get there and also to help fund the purchasing of our costumes, marketing, and venue hire; we are asking for generous hearted people to donate to our cause.

Not convinced? Here's what the show is about:

Elliot’s in a difficult position. His dream has always been to run a local bakery but his pastry-allergic mother’s dying wish was for him to become a professional wrestler.

He’s not cut out for this.

Join him in Wrestling Club, as he meets various eccentric members: a business executive who’s as deadly in the ring as he is in the boardroom, two star crossed wrestlers who must keep their love secret (while also grappling half naked to rapturous applause), and a psychopathic ringleader who chooses to be called ‘Doctor Insano'.

An absurd theatrical romp about being true to yourself…and wrestling.


For more info about who we are check out our website here: Illogical Theatre

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